Roof Maintenance Tips

A beautifully made roof has to be well maintained for it to last longer and avoid incurring massive costs of installing a new roof. A few hours every month will be enough to notice any area of the roof that may need some reinforcement or some minor repair before the damage becomes extensive.

Below are some critical areas you need to look out for on a regular basis to ensure that your roof will last longer:

  • Check if any shingles are missing or damaged: If you notice any missing or damaged part of the roof, you will be able to conduct the repairs early enough and this will be less expensive than repairing the entire roof when the damage has extended to the entire roof. A damaged section of the roof is a loophole and through it, the entire roof could be blown off.
  • Look out for signs of fungus infestation on the roof: whenever you notice an indication of fungus infestation, put zinc control strips to inhibit their growth.
  • If you notice rust on the metallic part of the roof, remove it using a wire brush and re-paint the metal.
  • Whenever you notice a collection of debris on any part of the roof, sweep it off to avoid further damage to the roof. If left unattended, the debris will block the drainage system of the roof or provide an atmosphere for algae growth.
  • If there are any tree branches hanging over the house, trim them to avoid the risk of having them fall on the roof, causing damages. This will also prevent unwanted animals like squirrels from finding their way to the rooftop.
  • Never allow massive accumulation of snow on the roof as the weight could lead to the collapse of the roof. You can use a snow rake to drag the snow from the roof.
  • If you notice any stains on the ceiling inside the house, it is a sign that there is a damaged section of the roof that needs repair. This should be done immediately before the damage gets worse.
  • Inspect the chimney to ensure that there are no missing or damaged bricks as this could also affect the roof. If you notice any concern, make the repairs before the damage gets worse.
  • Roof traffic should be regulated and only the person who is given the responsibility to repair the roof should go there. If traffic on the rooftop cannot be controlled, walkway pads should be installed to prevent people from stepping directly on the roof.
  • Do not allow traffic on the room during winter as the roof is weak at this time and can easily get damaged. If possible, repairs should be carried out before or after winter.
  • To prevent the accumulation of debris in the gutters, install eaves protectors which comprises of metallic meshed grates.
  • Maintain a record of the roof’s inspection and repairs so that any section that requires repairs will not be forgotten. If possible, photos can be taken which will be used to identify any part of the roof that is getting worse and needs replacement.

A good quality roof which is installed by professionals will not require as many repairs as the roof that was poorly constructed and is of poor quality. Regular inspection of the roof will enable you to notice any damage and do the necessary repairs before the damage becomes extensive. A roof that is well maintained will help to maintain the beauty of your home or office and will offer protection to the inner section of the house.

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