Snow Removal: How to Deal with Ice and Snow?

Snow removal is one of the major hassles in any household. Unfortunately, everyone needs to deal with this especially those who live in the northern climes.  However, before shelling out some bucks for a professional snow removal service, you may try using these 6 unconventional yet proven methods in getting rid of all that cold white stuff.


  1. Table Salt

The use of table salt as a temporary de-icer proves to be effective when used in moderation. Place a table salt in your old socks and rub it over to your car windows the night before. Make sure to firmly rub the table salt over the entire surface. This will prevent hard frosts to form on your car windshield overnight. You may repeat this trick in moderation but not quite often because too much use can cause damage to the car surface. Alternatively, you may also try using a salty liquid such as pickle juice to serve as a spray de-icer. Additionally, if in case you want a long-term use and you’ll be using it for large areas, you may use a bag of salt specifically designed for snow removal.


  1. Rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is typically found in your medicine cabinet. But did you know that it is also a great tool to use in snow removal? The trick is to spray your icy windows with rubbing alcohol and then leave it dry using an old towel. This will not only get rid of ice and snow, but it will also prevent your windows from fogging and will leave it streak-free shine.

Aside from rubbing alcohol, vodka, rum or gin could also do magic in snow removal. Simply spray some vodka, rum or gin onto the window with snow and then rub it dry.



  1. Lukewarm Water

Clear away snow and ice from your door locks, steps, car windows and walkways using lukewarm water. Just simply remove the runoff using squeegee right after pouring the water to prevent additional ice to form. Repeat this process several times depending on the amount of snow build up. However, do not try to speed up the snow and ice removal process by using hot water. This hot temperature will only worsen the situation because it will crack your windows, warp the metal and even crack your concrete.


  1. Cover it up

You can use a plastic tarp or a canvas painting drop cloth to help in speedy snow removal. If you predicted that a snowfall is coming, cover your porch steps, car, walkways and other affected areas with a sturdy tarp or cloth. In the next morning, simply drag the tarp to the side and then shake the snow off.


  1. Vacuum

A vacuum is also another great snow removal aid. Use the vac in sucking up the snow and dump it on proper place. Alternatively, you can also turn your vac into its “exhaust” mode and then blow away the snow.

  1. Kitty Litter

For icy surfaces, use a large container of a kitty litter in your car trunk. This will serve as a great source of traction for areas with icy and snowy surfaces. The additional weight can also prevent you from getting stuck. You may also try using birdseed, sand or wood ashes if you do not have a kitty litter.


Make your life easier with the above tips and tricks. Do you have other ideas to share? We would love to hear it from you. Share your ideas by writing in the comment box.